Welcome to the Telugu Methodist Church (Singapore)

We are a Congregation in Singapore which passionately loves God and His people. Young families, with children along with many brothers and sisters come to worship the Lord every Sunday at 7 PM.

Its ministry goes back to the years - late 90’s and early 2000, where a hand full of Telugu friends came to worship the Lord at Tamil Methodist Church evening service. God opened the doors for the Telugu Fellowship. Telugu speaking friends both married (with families) and singles joined in from India. Many of them responded to the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their Lord and Savior and were baptized. The friends who joined have been nurtured in the Word and fellowship. Telugu Fellowship became a Congregation, Telugu Methodist Church (Singapore) in the year 2008.

Today the ministry has grown tremendously under God’s grace and many of our Telugu friends in turn are reaching their colleagues and friends for Christ.

Telugu Methodist Church (Singapore) strives to fulfill the Great Commission of Lord Jesus Christ by taking the Gospel to all peoples, bringing them into the church fellowship, building them in the Word and Worship and equipping them to make disciples and serve the people with God’s love.

Please do join us and be part of this great movement of touching lives and transforming them to serve the King of Kings, our Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you!



Yours in His ministry
Rev Anil Samuel
Pastor in charge